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Our Products

The Original Bungy Trampoline

The youth of today, bored with the passive participation that other fun park rides offer are searching for something to actively take part in. Imagine jumping up to 7 metres into the air off a trampoline, looking down on the crowd from over 2 storeys up. Using multiple bungy cords the traditional trampoline is superboosted to allow a gravity defying ride giving all the adrenaline of bungy jumping but none of the risks.

Watch them Jump! Check out the Bungy in action!

Jumpers are able to reach heights that would be impossible using a trampoline alone, secured and safe in their adjustable purpose built harness they are free to experiment with acrobatic movements or to simply jump as high as they can. The rapid rate at which confidence sky rockets after your first double somersaults creates a contagious buzzHi5 between both participants and spectators.

Using the Bungy Trampoline gives you an empowering and euphoric feeling of defying gravity and at the same time trains and tunes bodily coordination. Flymotion worked closely for several years with Leisure Inventions (creators) and Eurobungy (World wide distributors), one of Europe's biggest extreme sports companies, assisting in the design of the Bungy Trampoline and after a very successful summer in locations throughout Europe, Flymotion - Australasia's sole agents, decided to market this ride here in Australia.

Breaking the Chains of Gravity!

Any amusement ride that offers people a way of breaking the chains of gravity is destined to succeed, the Bungy Trampoline does this using minimal mechanics surrounding the participants thus adding to the feeling of freedom.

Units are designed to accommodate 4 jumpers simultaneously. Each "jumping station" is equipped with a high quality trampoline (either inflatable or steel framed). The participant is fitted with a specially made hip-harness connected to adjustable elastics. These in turn are attached to high quality mountaineering ropes which, by way of a carabiner and pulley system are diverted over the top of the structure to a winch at the base. The participant is then lifted above the trampoline using the winch and by jumping he/she gains height.

Here the unique purpose-built elastics come into play taking the kinetic energy in the downward jump and converting it into an upwardly propelling force both increasing the jumpers power and stabilizing the jump giving more height and airtime to perform backward and forward flips, previously impossible without years of training on a regular trampoline.

In our experience the unit is enjoyed by people from 2 years old up to 60, but mostly (70%) by children aged from 5 to 16 years. The joy in the faces of participants and on-looking parents make running the unit a pleasure!

Flymotion operate the Patented Eurobungy 4-in-1 Bungy Trampoline - the worlds original and safest Bungy Trampoline.

Beware of imitation and patent infringement!
Flymotion is pleased to announce the grant of Australian Letters Patent (patent No. 768764) for the Eurobungy™ bungy trampoline system that it operates. Flymotion holds the exclusive rights to the patent technology in Australia and is the only agency in the country with a license to use this system. Beware of imitations and second-rate copies; save yourself the worry of potential litigation and only buy/use the worlds most trusted Bungy Trampoline system. Eurobungy™ Bungy Trampolines are second to none, utilising a superior elastic system and the finest in German components.
Product Specifications

Ages: 2 to 100 years of age – 10 to 90kg
Space: 11m x 11m x 9m (H)
Power: 1 x standard 240V/10 amp power socket on its own circuit within 20 metres of site
Access: 2.5 hours prior to and after event operational times
Capacity: 4 people at any one time. 30 -50 people per hour
Availability: Currently available in NSW, WA and SA
Insurance: APRA approved $20,000.000 Public Liability Insurance

Site Requirements
We require a flat operating area 12x12 metres - free from overhead obstructions with a 240V power source within 25m of the proposed site. We require access to the proposed site 2.5 hours prior to and 2 hours after operational hours. Our units are rated to jump clients between 10-90kg. A generator can be hired at an additional cost for areas without a wired power source.

Flymotion -  Bungy Trampoline
Flymotion -  Bungy Trampoline