Crowd Favourite: Baby Bungy™

Haven’t got enough space for Flymotion's crowd favourite original Bungy Trampoline? No problem! Our new Baby Bungy™ provides all the fun of our patented design using only half the footprint. Baby Bungy™ is the Original Bungy Trampoline's baby brother, packing all the excitement of its older sibling, in half the space!

Bringing Bounce To Your Event

Perfect for malls, halls and smaller spaces the Baby Bungy™ will bring the bounce back to your venue or event. Four jumpers can reach heights of up to 6 metres simultaneously, enjoying the euphoric and exhilarating feeling of blowing raspberries in the face of gravity! 

Baby Bungy™ Specifications

The Baby Bungy™ is suitable for 2 + years of age – 10 to 90kgs
Space: 8m x 8m x 7m (H) 
Power: 1 x standard 240V/10 amp power socket on its own circuit within 20 metres of site 
Access: 2.5 hours prior to and after event operational times
Capacity: 4 people at any one time. 30 -50 people per hour
Availability: Currently available in WA
Insurance: APRA approved $20,000.000 Public Liability Insurance

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