Bungy Dome

Flymotion continue to develop and construct better and more exciting ways to entice people to take part in activities that challenge them both mentally and physically. One example of this is the impressive Bungy Dome. The original Bungy Trampoline was, and still is, an eye catcher and magnet for passers-by, captivating spectators with its movement and energy. The Bungy Dome doubles this appeal with its unique structure that draws people to it. Built from light weight construction grade aluminium the Bungy Dome can be seen from afar, the movement from within piquing curiosity to a point where pedestrians are automatically drawn to the attraction. The Bungy Dome also offers the added and obvious advantage of providing protection from rain and the harsh Australian sun. Branding or illuminating the dome at night also creates an amazing effect offering a further draw to your guests, clients or passers-by.

Product Specifications

Ages: 2 + years of age – 10kg to 90kg

Space: 15m x 15m x 12m (H)

Power: 1 x standard 240V/10 amp power socket on its own circuit within 20 metres of site 

Access: Minimum of 12 hours prior to and after event operational times. Please discuss event particulars with our operations team

Capacity: 4 at any one time. Approx. 30 - 50 per hour

Availability: Currently available in NSW only

Insurance: APRA approved $20,000.000 Public Liability Insurance

If you need adventure entertainment hire in Australia, call Flymotion today.

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