Rapid Fire Cannonball Blaster™

One of the most exciting products to be introduced to the entertainment industry in recent years, is the Cannonball Blaster™. It simply plugs in and blasts away! Participants can let a barrage of foam balls fly more than 6 metres across our fully enclosed, custom built inflatable battle dome. The reverse vacuum technology provides constant airflow, allowing cannons to immediately fire foam balls in an extremely fun, rapid fire action which provides an amazing adrenaline rush. 

Ready To Fire 

Take aim at a friend, spouse, boss or even a complete stranger within a safe environment or simply try your aim with the targets located around the enclosure. As an easy to set up adventure entertainment activity, the Cannonball Blaster™ is a cost effective amusement attraction to add fun to an event on a budget. Go ahead… make their day! .

Cannonball Blaster™ Specifications

The Flymotion Cannonball Blaster™ is suitable for ages 4 and up. 

Space: 7m x 3m x 3m (H)

Power: 2 x standard 240V/10 amp power socket on their own circuit within 20 metres of site

Access: 1.5 hours prior to and after event operational times

Capacity: 4 at any one time. Between 30 – 100 per hour

Availability: Currently available in NSW only

Insurance: APRA approved $20,000.000 Public Liability Insurance

Please note: hire of the Cannonball Blaster™ is currently only available within NSW

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